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Opportunity Scholarships

Diversity and an inclusive environment are two of JSConf Hawai'i's core values, because we believe a broader variety of people enriches the conference through a broader variety of perspectives.

However, we recognize that it can be difficult for people traditionally underrepresented in tech to set aside the resources for a conference in Hawai'i. We don't want to lose those perspectives, so we offer an Opportunity Scholarship for members of those groups who might not be able to attend otherwise.

The scholarship includes some or all of the following:

  • Discounted or free JSConfHI ticket
  • Fully covered accomodations (up to 4 nights)
  • Airfare up to $800

Applications are now closed. All applicants have been notified of their status. If you applied and have not heard back, please email us at!

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What Are Scholarship Alums Saying?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Eligible for an Opportunity Scholarship?

The JSConf Hawaii Opportunity Scholarships are intended to increase the diversity of perspectives at the conference. Our primary method is to subsidize members of communities that are traditionally underrepresented in tech, and who wouldn't be able to attend without financial assistance.

Underrepresented groups include (but are not limited to):

  • Hawai'i Residents
  • Women
  • Persons of Color
  • Persons with Disabilities

The group identification portion of the application is a text field. If you are a part of an underrepresented group we have not identified, please feel free to apply and list it!

How Much Work is the Application Process?

We have streamlined the application process compared to JSConfHI 2019. This year are only asking for demographic data, what you need, and two fields asking what you hope to get out of the conference, and how you are currently involved in the tech community. We recommend 200-500 words for the two question sections so we can learn about you and how to best meet your needs!

When Will I Find Out If I Got the Scholarship?

The JSConfHI team is aiming to announce scholarship recepients in mid-November. We have a policy of informing both those who received the scholarship and those who didn't, so no one is left wondering.

What if I already bought a ticket? What if I really, really want to come?

Opportunity Scholarships are not guaranteed. We will give as much as we can, but it's likely we'll have more requests than we can fulfill.

The only guaranteed way to attend JSConfHI 2020 is to buy a ticket. However, if you are selected for a scholarship, you will be reimbursed for the expenses you would have had covered as a scholarship recepient.

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I Don't Need a Scholarship, but Would Like to Help!

There are four main ways to help JSConfHI with our Opportunity Scholarship mission:

  • Consider buying a ticket at the "Opportunity Scholarship Sponsor" level
  • Add a Opportunity Scholarship Donation to your ticket purchase
  • Consider asking your company to sponsor JSConf Hawai'i
  • Spread the word about Opportunity Scholarships to those who could use it!

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